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How To Cast Your Farnsworth Fly In a Rip

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For me, fly casting in a rip or fast-moving water is the most productive way to fish the Farnsworth Fly. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching a large game fish chase the fly and then suddenly explode on the hook.

Depending on how fast the water is moving will tell you where to cast your fly. If the water is moving very fast I like to keep the fly line as straight to the fly rod as possible, not letting any belly or slack get into the fly line, this way when a fish hits you’ll have an immediate hook up. The Farnsworth Fly is not a popper, although you can pop it, it’s really made to skim across the top of the water so the tail does its work.

I love hearing stories from friends who have caught some of the biggest fish of their lives in a fast-moving rip with the Farnsworth Fly. The key is to stay tight to the fly so you won’t miss a fish. Another major advantage to fishing with the Farnsworth Fly is it really is the Swill Army Knife of flies.  You can attach different sizes and colors of tails to the Farnsworth Fly and in so doing this give your fly all kinds of different action. When you buy a Farnsworth Fly it’s like purchasing a dozen flies all in one. Be creative and trim and attach as many different rubber tails as you can find.

Don’t forget to send in your photographs and stories about the fish you caught on the Farnsworth fly.

Watch this short video for tips on how to fish the rip.

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