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What are the makings of a legend? Is it a strategy or the spark of innovation? A vision or a spontaneous occurrence? Charisma?

Perhaps it is all of those things combined that make the Farnsworth Fly legendary in its own right. It was in the early 1980’s when the Farnsworth Fly became an underground sensation with saltwater fly fishermen fishing the sandy shores of Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Welcome back to the future – and to our new website, The Farnsworth Fly Company.

We are thrilled you are reading this and hope you find what you’re looking for – arguably one of the deadliest salt and fresh water flies –  back on the market and better than ever.

In the early 80’s the Farnsworth Fly was an underground sensation among “in the know” fisherman in Connecticut and the outer banks of Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. The original Farnsworth Fly was designed for night fly fishing. It was hand made out of balsa wood and painted black, accompanied with a black bucktail. The idea was to imitate small bait fish swimming – minnows dimpling the water. Next came assorted colors to attract bluefish during the day.

Today, the Farnsworth Fly Classic has been updated and has become an instant favorite among saltwater fly fisherman and anyone who hunts predatory fish.  Its unique rubber tail is interchangeable, fastened by a tiny stainless-steel spring. The spring and rubber tail make the fly vibrate like wounded bait, giving the fly an action never before seen in a fly.

What’s old is new again.

The original Farnsworth Fly was made on size 2/0 popper hooks and the body was constructed out of balsa wood and tied with bucktail. I was truly amazed at how effective the original fly was and how attracted fish so quickly. As soon as the fly hits the water - whether the fly is moving fast or slow or just dead drift - fish zeroed in and found it.

The original fly was wrapped with thick electrical heat shrink tubing - in its day quite effective, but heavy and slightly difficult to cast. The balsa wood would also soak through and become even harder to sling.

The new Farnsworth Fly Classic is made on a long shank 1/0 stainless steel popper hook. The diameter of the new body is half of the original fly and half as light, making it much easier to cast. The new body is also completely waterproof, made from hard shell foam and coated with electrical heat shrink tubing for durability.

What makes the new Farnsworth Fly completely different from all other flies is the interchangeable soft plastic tails that twists on to the back of the fly in any color, shape or size. Now the Farnsworth Fly vibrates, hums, wobbles, wiggles, dives up-and-down and moves side to side just like a wounded baitfish – and fish love it.

The list of species that will crush this fly is almost endless – striped bass, albacore, dorado, bonito, jacks, bluefish, roosterfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook, redfish, you name it.

We think you will love it too!

Thank you again for visiting.

Tight lines.

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