The Original
Classic, Chartreuse

Classic, Chartreuse

The Farnsworth Fly is the Swiss Army knife of flies. With its one-of-a-kind ability to change the colors and sizes of the rubber tails to affect the fly’s action, it’s like owning 10 or 12 flies in one fly.

The Chartreuse Farnsworth Fly works great in murky water and when moving the fly very fast. An instant favorite of saltwater fly fisherman and anyone who hunts predatory fish, the list of species that will crush this fly is almost endless – striped bass, albacore, dorado, bonito, jacks, bluefish, roosterfish, you name it.

The unique rubber tail is interchangeable, fastened by a tiny stainless-steel spring. The spring and rubber tail make the fly vibrate like wounded bait, giving the fly an action never before seen in a fly.

Music to a hungry game fish. 

Click to see how easily you can replace the rubber tail on your Farnsworth Fly.